I’m eager to finish the Sedimentary Rug, because I want to test out Dukagang as a tie option for Summer and Winter in a rug on my Lilla:

Skull Profile Draft

The reason is not because I desperately want to do Dukagang, but because I’m limited to 10 treadles, and even using a Skeleton Tie-up, I can’t do my skulls and bones on my loom, except for Dukagang. All my other designs required, even using a Skeleton Tie-up (fitting name really for this design) 12 treadles.

As it is I had to order the optional kit for my Lilla as it originally came with 8 treadles. I have the kit now and as soon as I get the Sediment rug off – treadles go on – and Dukagang probably starts. I’m also waiting for Jason Collingwood rug wool to go on sale, as it was my plan to use that. Or some rug wool to go on sale.

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