Two Panels – Texture

The new rug is a “play” on color and texture. Originally I was going to do squares and inlay, but I didn’t like the look of it, so I’m doing random colors and playing off different colors and textures in the rags / wool. Wool and rags? Yes! I was reading a book on some shaker rugs and they did an interplay of rags and twisted wool. Knitter’s Stash!

Here’s some of the interplay of colors:

This is a burgundy upholstery fabric with silver sparkle fabric and a knit jersey with animal print and sparkles.
More of the burgundy and sparkles with the wool blend I’m using above the first burgundy section (has more white in it).


I’m enjoying the interplay of colors and am approaching this as “sediment”. I’m done the first panel (7 feet long with about 36″ width) and am just starting on panel two. After the Toronto Rag Rug experience (update coming on that) I’m trying a new measurement technique used by Peter Collingwood. I’m measuring the rug slack not tight on the loom and putting sewn in markers every 6 inches, with a foot knot added for every foot. We’re going to see how this measurement technique works compared to the paper tape measured taut (which did NOT work – largely because the patterns were different and once taken off the loom some loosened more than others – update on that coming).

I’ll keep you posted on the new measurement technique with a post just on measuring rag rugs.

NOTE: I’m also testing the limits of the Lilla which I’ve not learned yet. This is 14 feet of rag rug on the Lilla, and it’s getting “close” on the front beam. Fingers crossed I get it all on and don’t have to perform some magic tie-on. I’ve completed about 9 feet now. So here’s hoping it all goes on.

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