W.L. Doornik is the name of my knitting obsession or a my possible once-dreamed-of knitting company.The name originates from the person who once designed a knitting machine. Rumor has it he was driven to designing a machine to trying and get more time out of his love interest (who was obsessed with knitting). Big mistake. The machine became just one more interest and he lost time. True or not, it’s the foundation of my name, W.L. Doornik Designs. Because while it’s not and never may be a day job, it’s definitely an all-consuming obsession.

Who am I? Dutch Girl. Knitter. Taught to knit by my grandmother when I was around 7, relearned when I was pregnant over 15 years ago now (urge to knit and maternity go hand-in-hand) and then went slightly crazy and now have a knitting / weaving “room”.

I own only one knitting machine now. My first: the LK150. A great sturdy standby that I’ve made a ton of stuff on and recommend to anyone as a great-to-have machine. I sold my often idle Singer 560 with a ribber and more accessories than I sometimes could recall. I didn’t use it. I would never sell my LK150. I love it. You can do a sweater on a weekend on it.

I also have a beloved Husqvarna Juliet sewing machine that is about 15 years old now as well and has done a lot of things in its life, but that is predominantly used to sew up steeks so I can cut, cut, cut (I hate sewing flat knitting). Although lately I’ve done a lot cube foot-stools. I do get forced to hem pants and mend things with it too. Grrrr.

Image of Painting of Dutch Girl Knitting by the SeaI also weave / loom now that I am a Colorado Non-Native. Own an Ashford 8-shaft 32″ table loom and stand and recently bought a Oxaback Lilla to replace the Ashford. Wanted something more rug friendly. Although the Ashford still seems to be serving purpose as a workshop / non-rug fabric design loom. And I also have a Rigid Heddle for quick projects (waffle towels anyone?).

I’m fixated on weaving now, but still get time for knitting (it’s portable) and have focused more and more on lace knitting and afghans (and of course always socks).

Not just rug focused, I also weave fabric so I can cut it up and sew it. Into bags. And things.

I’ll talk about it all here. Successes. Failures. Crap wool I hate and regret buying. Amazing stuff I wish I could find again (if I could remember what it was).



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