Loom Lesson #1

Now that I’ve started three projects on three different looms, I have one piece of advice for all of you.

When you get a new loom plan a simple project, something you don’t care about how it turns out, and make it a fast one.

This will allow you to get a feel for the loom, it’s quirks and crazies and what it can (and can’t) handle.

I didn’t. So here how it’s gone:

Project #1: On an old, second hand Leclerc Nilus. First I had to repair the loom. Then I warped it and found out problem number one. Though I had measured the reed and it came out 22 inches and I was at the limits of the reed width…I didn’t realize that the Leclerc Nilus has an interior brake that is high enough to “hit” the apron rod and therefore the apron rod is only around 20″. The REAL loom width. So my draw in is insane. Lesson Learned: Using an advancing twill that was insane to thread and treadle.

Project #2: On my new Ashford Loom. This one not as bad as it’s new and fun and friendly. BUT. It’s new and fun and friendly. I’m getting a feel for it. And I decided to get a feel for it while weaving a waffle weave hand towel. Where (see past posts) I made mistakes on heddle counts and such. It’s been painful as it’s been dragging on forever (decided to make three to four towels at once to justify the number of threads). I now hate those towels.

So I’ve told myself. Moving forward if I ever get on a new or new-old loom again: Small project. Easy to thread. Easy to weave. Get a feel for the loom. And then plan the ambitious project.

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