A Story Should Begin All Beginnings

For in truth, in the beginning, there was the word. The word of truth, the word of power and heroes, and the word of lies. But more on that later. First, the story…..

W.L. Doornik. A person, a parson even, he is allegedly the creator of the sock knitting machine due to the irascible nature of his wife-to-be. For, she seemed more distracted and charmed by her knitting than by him.
Like some people, he thought he could solve this little problem (the world’s refusal to bend to his will) with technology. So he created a machine that he believed would free up her time (ah, that pesky industrial revolution….so foolish….so young….) and voila, the knitting machine was born.
Of course it did nothing to free up anyone’s time, but rather created (those of you who tread in both the waters of hand knitting and machine knitting know this well) a whole new set up fascinating possibilities.
And even less time to spend with our assorted companions.
True or not, it’s a great story. And even better, Doornik, was Dutch. I can’t make this stuff up. Or I can.
But W.L. Doornik, true or not, is the name I’ve chosen to represent my putting out there assorted knitting whodunits and patterns that I’ve created, some on machine, some by hand. All through trial and a whole lot of error.
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