Yet Another Rug on a Table Loom

After the first rug experience, I’ve decided to give it another go. I’m doing an overshot rug out of the Tom Knisely “Handwoven’s Master Weaver Collection: Favorite Projects and Lessons From Tom Knisely” PDF.

I’ve wound my warp of double cotton rug warp in Pear, and have some wool rug warp for the weft in Indigo. This I’m doing doubled.

Now that I’ve started (and figured out how overshot works), I think I may just love overshot. A lot.

Of course, I am again attempting this on a table loom, but so far so good. I have one pattern repeat done, and it’s looking good.

First Pattern Repeat with Border Done
Another view of the pattern repeat.
A close up of the pattern on the table loom. Not too bad.
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