Dale of Norway Baby Outfit

Finally finished the Dale of Norway baby outfit I was making for my new niece. She’s small. As you can see from above. Came in at 5 lbs. Wee.

On the other hand, I decided to make the Dale of Norway outfit for her in a 12 month size. And I knit LOOSE in Dale of Norway. If she keeps going at the rate of growth she experienced in the womb…she’ll fit it when she’s five.

I’ve always knit loose in Dale of Norway. When I made myself a DoN sweater…I ripped it out and restarted it five times until I finally gave up and just kept going. I was getting down to the zero size of needle and the pointlessness of it all was becoming evident. My DoN came out great. Perfect fit. But the baby outfit (knit on 2mm needles) is a bit wider and looser than I’d prefer. BUT, being a baby outfit (and likely to be worn maybe 3 times) I can’t be bothered to do endless rip and repeats. So she’ll wear it when she’s five. That’s fine. It’ll still be cute!

I recently discovered Etsy too and now…when I search for buttons I choose buttons from there. These buttons (zebra pattern that you can’t quite see) were custom made for me by Buttons by Robyn. Here’s a better pic.

They are pretty great! So, I’m happy with the outfit and here’s hoping little (and I stress the little) Olympia (big name for a little baby) wears it with pride!

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