New Knitting Bag

I have used a plastic bin for my “to go” knitting projects for years. But recent frustrations with “dropping” and “tipping” during transport made me rethink that strategy. A couple weeks ago I thought a canvas bag, sturdy, that stood upright, might do the trick. So I ordered a Lands End canvas bag, in large (I measured my requirements), had it custom embroidered, and anxiously awaited its arrival.

Thankfully, with the handy dandy embroidering no one should be mistaken who it belongs to! ­čÖé I then proceeded to fill it with my treasured contents. I actually own classic tupperware that was, I think, supposed to be a pencil case or something.

Whatever its intent, it is now my knitting notions kit. ┬áThe bag I purchased needed to fit it. So I measured carefully. It sits neatly on the bottom, with a┬álulu-lemon┬ábag (why else would I shop there other than to use the bags to fit smaller knitting projects?). The little bag holds my lace shawl I’m knitting, protecting it from the other stuff in the bag. My larger project (in this case the Victorian Throw I’m working on) takes up the rest of the space. Patterns and crochet and dpn kits sit in the interior side pockets with a notebook and more pens.

I particularly enjoy the “supposed” keychain clip…it handily holds my scissors. I never have to dig for those again.

The longer straps make it easy to carry the bag around with me and still grab other stuff, and though sturdy enough to stand upright, it’s also squishy enough that I can tuck it in between other items when travelling (or even place it at my feet).

Anyone looking for a great knitting bag for a reasonable price…consider the Lands End canvas bags. Love it.

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