Nautical Blanket on the LK150

Finally back to knitting on the machine, as I (sadly) sold my Singer 560 and Ribber and Yarn Changer this weekend. This allowed me to re-arrange the knitting room and set up a better layout for working on the LK150.

I had to admit to myself that this is the machine I use the most. I’m a quick project machine knitter. The Singer required a more in-depth commitment to the process than I was willing to give on any given day. PLUS (and this is a big one) sewing together those tiny little knitted garments? Not my thing at all.

I knit one sweater on the machine and could never get around to sewing it up. Big #knitfail for me.

Having cleaned up and re-arranged the knitting room, I was able to happily start on the KnitPicks Nautical Blanket.

This is the perfect project for the LK150 as each square is knit separately (I will ignore the sewing part for now) and in intarsia. As I have the Intarsia carriage (smartest thing I bought)…this is ideal.

Square One of the Nautical Blanket on the LK150







I (as a rule) hate intarsia. I love fair isle. No problem there. But I HATE intarsia. But on the LK150 Intarsia is a dream. It’s easy to do and it knits up flawlessly. None of the terrible twists and bulks that I get when I handknit intarsia at all.

See the detail? It works great and it’s effortless. Love intarsia on the LK150. If you don’t have the carriage….you want to get it.

Intarsia close up on the LK150







I finished two squares this weekend, rolled up a few more balls ready to go and am sit to (hopefully) do a square a night. I’ll take the finished squares and start sewing up the ends and sewing them together as I finish each one (hoping this will break up the monotony of the sewing). Looking forward to the completed project.

(NOTE: Not that thrilled with the wool right now. It’s a bit catchy and rough. But good for a blanket. Though I really do wish it was a Superwash. Oh well.)


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