KnitPicks Knitting Needle Sets

I cheaped out. I bought a set of the KnitPicks interchangeable needles (these ones) and for a while they became my favorite set. But really only because I was too lazy to get up and go sort through needles to find the pair I needed to change to, with these just pop off the old ones, pop on the new.

I get that.

But I was in the middle of an alpaca sweater (find 2-ply at that) and the needles broke. Snapped off at the connection point. Alpaca snagged. Stitches dropped. Grr moment.

I bought my mother-in-law a set of Denise ones so I hope those hold up better. But not happy with the KnitPicks set (and for that matter the fact that the screw kept coming loose on them and snagging the wool: also not cool).

Back to my Addi Turbos. And sorting.

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