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I’m almost done the nautical blanket (started here). The whole project delayed by a move and renovations, but finally I have my knitting room done. A long wait, but worth it as I have a set room and a custom desk with space for all my toys.

I’ve sold the Singer 560 in the move from Canada to US (the thing weighed a ton and I admitted defeat…I never bothered to hook it up).

And it made room for my newest obsession….weaving!

Denver (and Golden) are hotbeds of weaving and I tracked down a class (not hard) with the incredible Pamela Bliss (great teacher) and am hooked. I just got an Ashford 8-shaft, 32″ table loom and am ready to start my first project on my own machine.

In the class I made a scarf and a cover for my knitting machine (pictured below). Now I’m on to some dish towels in a waffle pattern using up some 8/2 cotton and cotton/hemp. I have a lot of 8/2 from previously having the finer gauge knitting machine.

Knitting Machine Cover
Hand-Woven Knitting Machine Cover
Close Up of Cover
Close Up of Cover

I’ll hopefully update this post with some images of the sweaters I made over the previous winter as well, as I made another on the LK150 that turned out quite well and I could post the modified pattern if people are interested. It’s the second time I’ve made that pattern on the machine (in two different types of wool) and it turns out very nicely.

But first…finishing the nautical blanket and waffle dish towels!


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